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Our sports development part of our company involves working closely with various sports professionals from the Premier League through the football leagues and crossing over into other sports. We work directly with the client, the client’s family, wealth management companies, tax advisors and agents, ensuring the client is getting the best possible service and property investment package. Our packages vary from portfolio building to full large scale developments. We often work with clients just signing there first professional contract right through to coming towards the end of their respective careers looking to build for the future.

Long term planning 3/5/10 year plans on portfolio growth and pension planning via strategic property purchasing.

This is a long term investment strategy, for clients wanting to use finance over a longer period of time without the need to draw out returns. We often target an area of interest by purchasing in demand stock, houses in distress or up and coming stock in areas predicted to flourish. This route returns a higher yield than other more conventional investment routes whilst having the security in something physical. Often our clients are on 5-10 year plans with varying pots and housing stock targets. We typically aim for anything with an 7% yearly rental yield sometimes slightly less if we think the gross development value will increase also.

Long term planning 3/5/10 year plans on investment redevelopment and land purchases for building out projects for cash profits and reinvestment

This type of investment package works towards obtaining high returns from various types of development. It involves utilizing our skills and expertise to find the appropriate property to renovate or redevelop and then sell for a profit, typically returning higher than a 22% yield return. Often we then repeat the process with a slightly higher budget and continue to grow the investment pot whilst continuously hitting yields.

Short term project flipping for cash injections

This is an investment package that involves purchasing a property and typically one that requires a small amount of renovation, it order to sell it for a quick profit. We would look for properties that would provide our clients with the best profit possible giving the fastest returns.

End user projects for clients wanting to develop the perfect house

This bespoke investment package involves finding our clients the best house, for the best price, with the most development potential, in their prime location. We will work with the clients from start to finish in order to give them the dream home that they want.

For more specific information on completed, current and future projects please see our Projects page. For any client on any plan, long or short term, we always review after each project and year. We are performance indexed meaning we only get our fee if we do what we say.