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The first element is our pre construction phase. The overall aim of this stage is to plan the construction before the construction starts. It looks at the overall planning and schedules required in order to meet our client’s requirements both physically and financially. This stage is vital, as it is necessary for the overall success of the project. The Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations describe this stage as information consisting of the project itself, how we will manage and schedule the project, and any health and safety hazards that there may be and how they will be resolved if necessary. At this stage we will also clarify all of the architect and design works and develop a building schedule, along with clarifying budgets.

The second element is our design phase. During this stage we follow up on our pre construction phase by finalising costings, quantifying the job and tendering out appropriate works for the framework of the building.

We also look at the internal elements of the job including design finishes and layouts in order to finalise the budget in its entirety.

The third element is the construction phase itself. The key parts to this phase is following and implementing the planned schedule of works and managing the cash flow in order to make sure that everything is being followed and is on track.

The client throughout this stage will be updated on how the project is progressing, along with details on costs and can be involved as little or as often as desired.

Once all the construction has been finished we move onto the interior finishes phase. This involves fixing and fitting the appropriate finishes as previously discussed in the design phase to suit the clients needs and taste. Floor and wall finishes along with bathroom and kitchen fixtures will be the key focus at this stage.

The final stage to construction is signing off the work. This will be described as complete when all planned works has been carried out and a certificate of practical completion has been issued.